The Passport Story

Written By: Holly Race

Since One World by Night began requiring items to be stamped, players the world over have made it their mission to collect’em all!  Which always lead to some raggedy old and unreadable index cards.  Try as we might, those cards aren’t the Velveteen Rabbit.  It was due to this the idea for the One World by Night Passports was born.  Marion Birdsell, Marketing Subcoord and ST, began tossing around the idea and before long it was made a reality.

Marion and I worked together to flesh out the design and what would be required.  Marion designed the inside pages where she went above and beyond.  Not only does she include a place for many stamps, she also has a list of all currently active Chronicles in OWbN that are available to visit and acquire a stamp.

It was imperative that the Passports be free for all members of One World by Night, which led to some complications.  After making nearly 500 at the time this was written, we have found ways to save money and make the process more efficient.  There is still a substantial cost in money and time.  All passports are made by hand with love.  Here is how it’s all done.

The inside pages have to be printed off, double sided to keep the bulk of the passports down.  Then the pages must be trimmed down to fit inside the covers.  The size was chosen so the passports would be approximately the same size as a standard item card.  The pages can only be cut two at a time to keep the edges as even as possible.

The colored splash sheet inside the cover is the same way as the inside pages.  A guide page is printed on the printer so that up to 6 pages may be cut at a time by hand.

Next the covers.  They are cut two at a time on a die cut machine out of standard weight cardstock.  The cutting per page of cardstock takes around two minutes to complete.

Once all pieces have been cut they are ready to be assembled.  All pieces must be layered in the correct order and all facing the right way then stapled with an oversize book binding stapler.  A standard stapler would wear out and not reliably pierce all the pages.  After a passport is stapled it must be folded, which in itself is a job.

Every event that we supply passports for has their own unique sticker to affix to the passport cover.  The stickers are designed by me.  I then print and cut them in to their circular shape.  Additional stickers are usually sent to the event for people who already have a passport and simply want the sticker to add to their collection.

Every passport is made with love and passion for One World by Night, and we hope to see them through the entire organization soon.  If we haven’t gotten them to you yet, please give us a little more time.  As you can see it is a costly and time consuming endeavor.

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