One World by Night has games of various genres within the World of Darkness.  Our largest population is of Vampire players.  We have games specifically for Camarilla, Sabbat, Independent, and Anarch.  There are some games that allow cross-over.  All of our rules and mechanics come from the Old World of Darkness written by White Wolf Publishing.  Our primary source book for Live Action play is Laws of the Night: Revised.  There are many books in the Mind’s Eye Theatre series to cover a myriad of genres.  You do not need to have the books in advance of play, most games have a copy on hand that they will share to help you get started.

We have many local chronicles based all over, our full listing is located on our main page in our Game Directory to find a game near you.  If you have any trouble locating a game, please send a message to the Marketing Team and we can assist!

Some links are listed here to provide you with further information about our games.  Please feel free to email us at for any questions or assistance.



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